Gita Press Seva Dal – This department renders self-less service to the unfortunate sufferers of natural calamities like flood, draught, earthquake, fire, etc. with active support from the public. Commendable work was done by the Gita Press Seva Dal during the unprecedented earthquake in Uttarakhand, a few years ago; during the massive flood in Gorakhpur; and during the devastating cyclone in Orrisa. Large number of cows and other animals have been saved by providing food and medicine. During winter, woolens are distributed to the needy regularly.

Sadhak-Sangh – Sadhaks, namely people who have devoted their life to self-upliftment, can become members of the Sadhak-Sangh. Sixteen prohibitive rules and twelve adoptive rules are suggested. Every member is supplied a diary to be maintained daily and self-repent for mistakes committed.

Nama-Japa – Every year, an appeal is published in Kalyan magazine to do the maximum possible Nama-Japa (Recitation of the Lord’s Name), for the welfare of the world. There are members in India and abroad, who regularly recite the Lord’s Name counting the beads on a rosary. The members inform the name-bank of the number of their Japa.

Vastra Vibhag – With a view to propagate the use of handloom cloths (not coated with animal starch), the Gita Press Hast Nirmit Vastra Vibhag was started by the institution. The main shop is at Gorakhpur with shops at Calcutta, Kanpur and Swargashram (Rishikesh). Here, cloths are available at very reasonable rates to the customers.